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Yigal Amir (The Assassin of Prime Minister Rabin)

May 23, 1970 in Tel Aviv (a Solar Chart)

Two things stand out in this birthchart:

  1. The potential for violence that lies in the Mars/Pluto square
  2. The "Messiah Complex" signified by the Sun/Neptune opposition

A significant fact is that these ominous omens, Mars/Pluto and Sun/Neptune, also prevail in the other charts relevant to the assassination of Rabin:

  1. In the chart of the Fatal Eclipse( * See "Fatal Eclipse Chart" ) that heralded the assassination - Mars conjuncts Pluto
  2. In Israel's progressed horoscope for the time of the assassination( * See "The Sun in Israel's Progressed Horoscope", referring to 1995, page15, "The Stars and the Star of David". ) - the Sun squares Neptune

When comparing the eclipse chart with that of Amir, an outstanding fact comes to our notice:

The Mars/Pluto conjunction, under whose ominous shadow the eclipse formed, spells v-i-o-l-e-n-c-e. This threatening conjunction "fell" on the very degrees of Amir's Sun/Neptune opposition( * In the "Fatal Eclipse Chart", Mars is at 2o Sagittarius (Amir's Sun is in 2o Gemini) and Pluto in 29o30 Scorpio (Amir's Neptune is in the very same degree and Sign). ), thus acting as a powerful catalyst which set Amir's Messiah Complex into motion; especially significant in view of the fact that the Mars/Pluto conjunction is on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, a zodiacal zone indicating, when afflicted, religious (Sagittarius) fanaticism and zealous zeal (Scorpio).

Comparison between the charts of Rabin and Amir:

When comparing these two charts a strong antagonism emerges, as both luminaries in Amir's chart are in hard aspects to planets in Rabin's birthchart.

Amir's Sun opposes Rabin's Mars - an aspect signifying a strong hostility (Mars) to the Father Figure (Sun), as well as aggression (Mars) against authority figures (Sun).

Amir's Moon forms a Grand Cross with Rabin's Moon/Saturn/Pluto T-Square. On top of it all, Amir's Moon is problematic to begin with, as it forms a T-Square with Uranus and Venus in his birthchart. His Moon colliding with Rabin's stressful T-Square brings Amir's basic feelings of insecurity to the fore, giving rise to fears that may trigger the potential violence inherent in his Mars/Pluto square.

Yigal Amir - solar chart