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The Fatal Eclipse

Oct. 24, 1995 at 6:36 a.m. (Israel time)
Chart calculated for Jerusalem

    The eclipse forms 3 difficult aspects:
  • A semi-sextile to the Mars/Pluto conjunction
  • A semi-square to Jupiter
  • A square to the Neptune/Uranus conjunction

These aspects triggered the potential violence that lies at the core of every eclipse. A particular danger looms in the Mars/Pluto conjunction, symbolic of hostile underground activity; while falling on the cusp of Scorpio (extremism) and Sagittarius (ideology), this conjunction signifies religious fanaticism ( * See how this Mars/Pluto conjunction activated the Messiah Complex of Rabin’s assassin, Yigal Amir (link at the right column). ). Furthermore, the problematic aspect with Jupiter (faith) in Sagittarius hints at an ideological motive behind the murderous deed.

The aspect of Uranus, which stands for sudden upheavals, heralded the dramatic change that took place shortly afterwards in the government – Uranus being in Capricorn, the Sign of authority and administration.

Elusive Neptune conjunct Uranus hints at the euphoria prior to the assassination of Rabin (Neptune is before Uranus). Neptune, being the planet of illusion as well as the significator of a sacrificial victim, symbolizes the atmosphere of chaos on the eve of Rabin’s assassination – which made him an easy prey.

Neptune here also stands for the conflicting rumors following the shooting, before the tragic details became clear. And, not unlike other cases of death in which Neptune is involved, such as the case of Marilyn Monroe, rumors regarding a mysterious intrigue began to circulate.

The Fatal Eclipse - with aspects formed by the eclipse (the Soli/Lunar conjunction)