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Read here first details about the lawsuit that will soon take place in Jerusalem. This trial's outcome has a special precedent importance whose implications might decide the future of astrology in Israel

The Cause for Astrology

Astrologer Sues Israel's Minister of Justice for Libel

On a T.V. program broadcasted on Sylvester 1996, just as astrologer Kadoshi Elizur was about to give his prediction for 1997, Tomy Lapid (present Minister of Justice), who also participated in the program, attacked Kadoshi calling him "charlatan".

The offended astrologer sued Lapid for 260,000 shekels.

Lapid's Lawyer Roee Belcher: "Kadoshi won't get a dime. Lapid called him charlatan and indeed a charlatan he is. Because Lapid accuses every astrologer of being a charlatan. All of them are liars because astrology is a fraud."

Kadoshi's lawyer Avihai Goldenberg: "The defense's argument is irrelevant. Is every subject that is not scientific fraudulent? Prognoses that are given by bankers, doctors and politicians turn out many times to be untrue – which doesn't proof that these people are charlatans. Kadoshi's profession is not forbidden by the law, which means that it is legitimate. Lapid himself said in a radio program: 'When I edited a lady's journal I published horoscopes in order not to lose readers.' Does it mean that Lapid is ready to whitewash fraud in order to gain economical ends"?

Lapid's Lawyer Roee Belcher: We try to find an expert that will prove that there is nothing in astrology. It's difficult to get such an expert since virtually it means being an expert for nothing".

The title "expert for nothing" was coined by Lapid's lawyers in order to excuse the embarrassing fact that the astronomers they asked for an expert's opinion, amongst them Ilia Leibowitz, refused their request.

Yet an expert's opinion, and even an official one, on astrology does exist, since Israel's Parliament, concerned with astrology's extreme popularity, requested it in 1997. But Lapid's lawyers have a good reason to ignore it, as the expert who gave the opinion, Professor Zvi Yavetz, head of the Tel Aviv University's department of astronomy and astrophysics, expressed his opinion in the following words:

"If astrology isn't a science, we can't accuse its practitioners of being charlatans since they firmly believe in it".

Who is a charlatan then?

Whoever uses astrology for financial ends although he doesn't believe in astrology.

About astrologer Kadoshi Elizur
Kadoshi Elizur won public acclaim some years ago, when after a long period of drought he predicted a heavy rainfall. After the prediction broadcasted on T.V was fulfilled precisely, Kadoshi was interviewed on Israel’s first channel news.

The case will be heard in early 2004 in the magistrate court in Jerusalem before the judge Izhak Shimoni.