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The Chart of Itzak Rabin

March 1, 1922 in Tel-Aviv (Solar chart)

In cases where the hour of birth is unknown, a Solar chart is cast - i.e. a chart in which the zodiacal degree of the Sun "opens" the chart, serving as a kind of symbolic Ascendant.

One of the most dominant configurations in Rabin's chart is the square between Mars and the Sun/Uranus conjunction, indicating a coarse, abrupt manner and a tendency to erupt in anger - characteristics that were attributed to the fact of his being a redhead. Despite being, like many mute Pisces, quite inarticulate, he was known for his colorful abrasive remarks. Besides indicating a tendency to uncontrolled outbursts of anger and sudden violence, the Sun/Uranus/Mars configuration signifies the danger of falling victim to sudden violence (Sun and Uranus in Pisces -- the Sign of sacrifice and victimization), mainly for ideological reasons (Mars in Sagittarius, the Sign of belief). This violent planetary constellation was triggered into action when the transiting Mars reached 10o30' Sagittarius on the fatal day, thus repeating exactly the natal configuration between these planets in Rabin's chart.

However, we should not forget that Mars returns every two years or so to the position it occupied at birth, thus repeating its natal aspects; not to mention similar aspects Mars forms while transiting the other Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.

Why, then, was this particular aspect of Mars so fatal?

The answer should be sought in the progressed horoscope - those symbolic calculations which evolve from the birthchart and show the unfolding of the future. In the progressed horoscope, each day after birth stands for one year. Rabin was assassinated when he was 73 years and 8 months old; if we add the same number of days (73 2/3, which we round up to 74 days) to his day of birth, March 1, we arrive at May the 14th.

The 14th of May, of all days.

The 14th of May (1948) is the very day on which the State of Israel came into being.

Thus, Rabin's progressed Sun at the time of his assassination reached the very degree occupied by the Sun in Israel's chart - the 23rd degree of Taurus.

And what does Israel's Sun imply?

The Sun in Israel's chart being in the 8th House of death and afflicted by violent Mars, symbolizes the potential assassination of its Head of State. This ominous sign was actualized when Rabin's Sun reached the Sun of Israel and blended, as it were, with it. The conjunction of the two Suns seems to symbolize the fusing and merging of the two entities - Rabin's and Israel's - and their Becoming One.

This astonishing symbolism explains why, in death, Rabin has become such a powerful, larger-than-life myth.

It seems as if Rabin became a kind of sacrificial victim on the "Sun's altar", his life flame extinguished just after the solar eclipse -- the very eclipse that "fell" on Israel's Ascendant (see "The Fatal Eclipse"). The solar connection with Rabin's death is also apparent in his singing "Let the Sun Rise" a few minutes before he died. After his assassination, a piece of paper on which the words of the song were scribbled was found in his pocket, soaked in blood. Yet another line of the song goes: "He whose candle has been extinguished"...

But was it possible to learn about the danger lying in wait for Rabin on the strength of his birthchart alone, without comparing it with Israel's chart?

The answer is yes. Rabin's Sun, as already mentioned, progressed in the year in question to 23oTaurus. From this particular degree Rabin's progressed Sun is afflicted by an exact semi-square from violent Pluto, which in Rabin's birthchart is in 8o Cancer.
(The progressed date May 14, 1922 corresponds to Rabin's 74th year)

Pluto also "starred" in the two charts which signified Rabin's doom - in the chart of The Fatal Eclipse, and in that of the earthquake that followed it. The planet bearing the name of Pluto, lord of the underworld, symbolizes the dark forces that lurk underground, thus signifying the criminal underworld and underground organizations - as well as everything connected with the forces of darkness and black magic. It is worth noting that rabbis belonging to extremist circles put a so-called "fatal curse" on Rabin shortly before his assassination.